Year  Remarks
1975 The Automobile Plant of the Polyurethane Division Plant wa founded in North Jakarta.
1977 The Rubber Divison of the Company was established, also in North Jakarta.
1979 The manufacturing of non-automotive products began.
1978 A new plant was built in Tangerang with new machinery and extensive supporting facilities.
1981 Installation of the continous vulcanization system
1982 The mold shop was established at the Rubber Division Plant.
1983 The Total Quality Control System wa established 
1985 The Company started producing interior car products. Won the Silver Prize at the prestigious Quality Control Convention in Japan.
1986 The Rubber plant was inaugurated by the Minister of Industry and Manpower
1987 • Won the Gold Prize from the Quality Control Convention in Japan.
  • The Bicycle Tire Plant was established in Tangerang.
1990 The Company's headquarters moved to Central Jakarta
1991 The Furniture Plant was established in Tangerang. Installation of the fully-automatic foam-molding system at the Polyurethane Automotive Plant.
1993 Certification from the Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan.
1995 Installation of fully-automatic Banbury machine at the Rubber Division Plant.
1996 The Bicycle Rubber, Tire and Polyurethane Divisions merged and the company became registered as PT. IRC INOAC INDONESIA.
1997 The Company's exciting changes to its corporate structure.
1998 ISO9002 Certified
2000 QS9000 Certified
2004 ISO 14001 Certified
2005 ISO-TS 16949 Certified
2006 SNI 06-7213-2006 (LPG HOSE)
  ISO 9001 Certified
2007 Bicycle Tire Production Plant stopped its operation
2013 PT. IRC INOAC spin off the company into two independent companies, namely :
  - PT. IRC INOAC INDONESIA focusing on rubber business.
  - PT. INOAC POLYTECHNO INDONESIA focusing on polyurethane foam
  In order to focus each core business nature.
2015 Development for Industrial Rubber Parts : Solid Tyre, Rubber for Mining & Bladder
2016 - Development of Bearing Pad / Seismic Bearing
  - Development of Rubber Crawler
2017 Development of Rubber Sheet / Parts with FR LSOH spesification
2018 IATF 16949 Certified
  SNI 06-3568-2006 (Fender)
  SNI 7213:2014 (LPG HOSE)
2019 Development of Conveyor Belt TKDN Certified (Fender, Bearing Pad, Railway Pad, Lining, Crawler & Liner)
2020 Development of Expansion Joint for Bridge; Rubber Band; Side Wall & Skirt for Conveyor Belt
2021 ISO 9001 Certified, TKDN Certified (Weater Seal,Expantion Joint, Hose, Run Flat/Solid Tire,Rubber Track Pad, Rubber Bellow, Rubber Draft Gear, Rubber Mounting)